The Do's and Dont's of Bat Care

The Dont's:


* Don't expose to extreme temperatures.

* Avoid prolonged spells of storage in car trunks/boots etc.

* Don't over-oil. It is more harmful to over-oil than to under-oil. Over-oiling adds weight, spoils driving power and may cause rot.

* Don't ever, ever stand the bat in oil.

* Don't allow the bat to become damp.

* Don't misuse or treat carelessly off the pitch- for example in nets or in changing rooms.

* Don't use cheap hard balls. These will damage the bat.

* Don't continue to play with a damaged bat. This will aggravate the damage to a point where the bat may be beyond repair.


The Do's:


* Do prepare the bat carefully prior to match play.

* Store the bat in off-season in a cool, dry environment away from excessive heat or dampness (humidity).

* Do re-oil the bat after any prolonged period of non-use. It is particularly important to do this prior to pre-season net practice.

* Do inspect the bat regularly for damage during play and repair promptly.

* And most important, do respect your bat. It was made by someone with a lot of care and precision.