Making of a Waibee Bat

The making of a Waibee bat

Handcrafted from English Willow by master bat makers having generational experience makes a Waibee bat as good as any bat available in the market today.

       Good old carpentry. The shaping of the bat     Good old carpentry. The shaping of the bat

Careful attention is given to the willow selection to ensure that the right grade is picked to craft out the best blade that fits the appropriate model. Waibee has a total of six models starting with its top grade Maximus LE signature line that can be matched with any brand that is available in the market. Following closely to the Maximus LE is the Excalibur LE signature line that can be an equally good choice for the serious player.

In selecting a bat, a user needs to realize that the brand is irrelevant. What matters most is the blade and how it has been processed and finished. Waibee bat makers have been making bats for some of the top brands of the world and have more than four decades of bat making experience. The willow clefts are supplied by J.S. Wright of UK one of the largest suppliers of English willow clefts in the world. All willow clefts are air dried and are tested for moisture content to ensure that the bats are made from clefts that are maintain the optimum moisture content range that ensures a quality bat.

   Bat clefts being shaped before they are hand crafted for actual finish   Bat clefts being shaped before they are hand crafted for actual finish

With the latest bat making technology available, bat makers focus on most important aspects of a bat’s performance- the balance and pick up (the feel of the bat) and the ping. Generally, with a wider sweet spot and decent edges, Waibee bats deliver the desired balance and ping. The grain of a bat is important but it is not the most important aspect of a quality cricket bat.

   The buffing of the blade to smoothen it all around    The buffing of the blade to smoothen it all around
For best performance, in spite of the fact that all Waibee bats are factory knocked in and made ready for play, it is advisable that they are further knocked in for a week or so using an old ball or a wooden mallet added with the light application of linseed (bat) oil on the bat’s surface and edges. (see out bat care instructions). The best weight for optimum performance is 2 lb-9 oz but if this weight seems high for some cricketers, a 2 lb-8 oz will do just fine.
Use a Waibee bat with confidence and I assure you some exciting and enjoyable time in the middle.

   English willow clefts     English willow clefts