Waibee 115 Risk Warning and Indemnity statement

Risk Warning:

When you purchase any cricket related item you should be aware that there are risks of injury associated with playing cricket, as there are with most sports. Risk will arise in the context of the activities of batting, bowling and fielding. While Waibee is selling cricket equipment with adequate protection to minimize risks, it is not possible to eliminate all of them. On some occasions, an injury can be serious (such as torn ligaments, dislocations, back injuries, concussion or broken bones). In very rare cases the injury can be life threatening or result in permanent disability.
If a participant has a pre-existing injury, participating in a sporting activity could result in exacerbation of that injury. It is also strongly recommended by Waibee LLC that personal insurance be taken out by participants.
As a user of Waibee 115 brand cricket equipment purchased from Waibee LLC or from any other source, the user/player or the player’s parent/guardian acknowledge and understand the risk warning stated above.

Protective Equipment:
The wearing of a helmet and all safety equipment is mandatory for all players while batting, fielding within close proximity of the batter (when applicable), and when wicket-keeping up to the stumps.
In addition, Waibee LLC expects all players to take responsibility for their own safety by observing instructions, rules and guidelines, by wearing compulsory safety equipment when applicable and by behaving in a safe and responsible manner towards other participants, officials, property and grounds.

On using all cricket related equipment under the Waibee 115 brand, the user including the user’s parent/guardian hereby agree that Waibee LLC, its officers, officials (representatives) shall not be liable, whether in contract, tort or statute for any injury, illness, loss or damage or any other mishap to the user or any other person connected to the user and will at all times indemnify and keep fully indemnified Waibee LLC, including all its officers and officials (representatives), against all actions, suits, causes of action, proceedings, claims, demands, costs and expenses whatsoever which may be taken or made against Waibee LLC arising out of any such injury, illness, loss, damage or other such mishap to the user or user’s property.