1. Where are Waibee bats made?

All Waibee bats are manufactured at top of the line manufacturing facilities in India and Pakistan by bat makers of generational experience. The manufacturers of Waibee bats also makes bats for several well-known International brands that are widely used by International cricketers of all countries including the 10 Test playing nations.


  1. Are all Waibee bats made from genuine English Willow?

JS Wright of UK is the primary supplier of English Willow bat clefts that produce all Waibee English Willow cricket bats.


  1. Do Waibee bats come pre-knocked and are they made ready for play?

All Waibee bats come pre-knocked from the factory and are ready for play. However, for optimum performance, it is recommended the bats are further knocked in before match play. Use good quality old balls to knock-in. One of the best ways to knock in is to give catching practice during team practice.


  1. How would you rate a Waibee grade 1 English Willow bat with the other brands such as SS, SG, CA, Ihsan, BAS, Kookaburra etc.?

Waibee bats are made with the same air dried, unbleached English Willow that are used to make all famous brands (Gray Nicolls, Kookaburra, GM, SS, SG, BAS etc). Grade wise comparison they would be the same as far as quality is concerned. Waibee bats are made with the same willow; all bats are handcrafted and balanced in similar fashion as the other brands and produce the same ping as the others. If you compare the same grade Waibee bat with any other brand, you are better off picking a Waibee bat due to a price advantage. The performance will be the same, if not better. The only difference will be the price because when you buy any other brand you will be paying extra for the sticker only.

Remember, the character of a bat is the blade and not the sticker.


  1. If I wanted a customized bat made under my own specifications, can this be made?

Absolutely! There will be a lead time of 4 weeks and additional cost may be involved for air freight charges. However, it has to be a Waibee model that is already in the product line.


  1. Can you repair bats?

Waibee does not have a repair center but can recommend places where bats can be repaired. Whether a particular bat can be repaired or not depends on the extent of the damage of the bat.


  1. How would you rate Waibee leg guards and gloves in comparison to the other brands?

Waibee soft leather goods are as good as any other brand available in the market.  You only have to use them to find out. They are also better priced.


  1. Do you ship to other States/Countries?

We can ship anywhere in the world subject to availability of shipping services to the country. Shipment can be effected via courier service or air freight, the mode of which depends on the quantity of the shipment. Shipment within the United States usually carries a freight charge. There are packages available that include free shipping within the United States.


  1. What is the typical lifespan of a Waibee bat?

The lifespan of a cricket bat depends on how much cricket is played and how the bat is cared for. It is recommended that bats are properly cleaned and oiled to preserve its quality and longevity. Bats can get damaged if low-quality balls are used.

Check the “Bat care and Maintenance” menu on this site.  It is advisable to use an anti-scuff protection sheet to prevent damage to the bat face.

  1. Where are Waibee products being currently sold?

The Waibee brand is now selling in Southern California, New York, Illinois, and Maryland within the USA. It is also being sold in Bangladesh.

If you have any other question, please contact via email at yousufbabu@aol.com. Your question will be promptly answered.