Cricket Bat Sweet Spot Position


It is the position of the middle, also known as the sweet spot, of the bat that defines your style of play. If you choose a bat with the high middle (as the first illustration below, you are someone that loves to play the hook, pull or cut shot on wickets that are bouncy. These bats should have a light pick up.

Bat 'Sweet Spot'

Medium to low positioned middle is good for those players that like to play in the “V”, i.e., playing in front of the wicket. These are usually picked by players that are good drivers of the ball. If you cannot make up your mind, then go for the Medium positioned sweet spot. They are good for playing all around the wicket. This category is the one that is preferred by most players.

Waibee bats are mostly in this category. However, we will custom make bats for you if you do decide to go for one that is not in our inventory. In fact, we will carry some bats with the “high positioned” sweet spot since a good portion of cricket played in the US are on matting wickets that tend to product more bounce more than the average natural turf or artificial turf pitches. So if you do need a piece with a high positioned sweet spot, do let us know. Waibee will get it custom made for you.