About Waibee

Welcome to the Waibee world of cricket and much more!

It is my intention to not only provide you with the highest quality cricket equipment manufactured by some leading manufactures in the world but also to give you an opportunity to learn several aspects of the game including lessons that can be learnt from the game.

“Power with Grace” is the tag line of Waibee. Our bats are made with some of the finest English willow acquired from the world’s largest supplier of the cricket bat willow, J.S. Wright and Sons of UK.

All bats are handcrafted and made with passion and care by bat makers with generational experience. The bats we offer are pre-knocked and ready for play so all you need to do is create the urge in you, light the fire in your belly and get on with the game.

The concept of starting my own brand of cricket equipment along with the relevant accessories has been a passion of mine for many years. In fact, I wanted to launch something in this line ever since I retired from the International game after having played with honor and dignity for Bangladesh from its very inception in 1976-77. Those of my generation as well as millions that followed are familiar with my media name of “Yousuf Babu” and hence the brand Waibee, which is the phonetic version of the alphabets YB. According to many independent journalists and cricket fans of the country, it is a name which ranks right on top of the ladder, a name that is forever etched in the annals of Bangladesh’s cricket history. The number 115 is a marked and memorable innings, which incidentally is the first international century for Bangladesh scored in the 3rd place play-off match in the 1982 ICC Trophy. This significant number finds a place within the Logo as a mark of respect to that innings and Bangladesh cricket in general.

While you are browsing the site, you will find a blog that has been created to engage in cricket discussions. With my experience and knowledge of the game, I believe you will find me extremely fair and informational when I address any query from any quarter irrespective of the possibility that you and I may be supporting different nations and /or clubs. I have been analyzing world cricket on behalf of the Voice of America cricket program for the past several years and those that have engaged with me will testify that my comments have always been neutral and fair ensuring that the sanctity of the game is preserved.

Apart from this, you are always welcome to suck my cricketing mind for any tips on any aspect of the game. It will be my pleasure to assist. The very thought of helping a fellow cricketer improve his game is reason enough to set up this blog. You will also find a link that will assist you in making good selections of equipment. With my experience and background, I will be able to guide you to choose the right bat etc. for you. There is a questionnaire that one is required to respond, which I hope you will take advantage of. I am quite confident that once I have your information, I will be able to get you a bat that you will enjoy playing with.

Throughout my playing career, I played the game with the utmost passion ensuring all the time that the honor and dignity of the game is maintained. I believe in the traditions of the game and am a firm believer of the phrase “Cricket Creates Character”. What you do off the field is an extremely significant trait as it supports and strengthens what you demonstrate on the field. Your involvement with the Waibee world of cricket will not only help you acquire the ideal equipment that fulfills your desire to play quality cricket but it will also assist you in improving your cricketing mind to a great degree.

I wish you the best of luck not only for your cricket but for your success in life.


Yousuf Rezaur Rahman (Babu)

Former national cricketer of Bangladesh